hope you fail
2022 | Documentary Short | 20 Minutes
The Trailer
When Rich Myers' newly-rebooted Leeds dessert shop "Get Baked" gets busted by Trading Standards for the use of illegal American sprinkles, it’s an opportunity for him to leverage his loyal social media following and make a grab for viral fame. But while the story, dubbed "Sprinklegate," gets global attention and propels the business forward, Rich continues to live in the shadow of his previous defeats. Hope You Fail takes a deeper look at a fluffy viral moment by examining the real person behind a small business, what compels their obsession with rainbow sprinkles, and how the anxieties resulting from past failures inevitably color their future.
WINNER: Audience Award, Brooklyn Film Festival 2023
WINNER: Audience Award, Manchester Film Festival 2023
WINNER: Gold Remi, Houston International Film Festival, 2023

Special mention: Leeds International Film Festival, 2022
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